Geothermal Development and EGS Energy

EGS Energy is a development and consultancy company with unique access to engineered geothermal system technology and know-how.  With projects under way in Cornwall and consultancy work worldwide, EGS Energy is leading the development of deep geothermal energy resources in the UK on a commercial scale.

The EGS Energy team has over 80 years of experience working with deep geothermal reservoirs and executing on geothermal power projects.  The electricity and heat produced by deep geothermal plants is:

  • large scale and sustainable;
  • despatchable and 95% available;
  • emissions free; and
  • small in terms of its physical and environmental footprint.

The Eden Deep Geothermal Plant

Penzance-based EGS Energy and The Eden Project announced their partnership in June 2009 to establish what would be the UK’s first deep geothermal power plant.

In December 2010, planning permission was granted for the Eden Deep Geothermal Plant development, based on the application presented to Cornwall Council.  See here for the press release. 

We look forward to receiving your feedback through the form on the Contact us page, and to keeping you in touch with the progress that we make.  In the meantime, you will find plenty of information here.

Have a look at the animated visualisation below of the proposed plant.

Visualisation of an EGS power plant
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